(VIDEO) American Food In Miami? – American Harvest Co.

Looking for high-end American dining in Miami? Try American Harvest Co.

Let’s not beat around the bush. Miami sucks for classic American food. However, American Harvest Co. might be able to help.

NEW to South Miami, American Harvest opened up a few months ago with their new spin on classic American food.  

I was invited by my friend Sam from @BiteOfMIA on Instagram to be her plus one to this menu tasting.

They put all the popular dishes on their menu like avocado toast, burgers and tacos. It’s the restaurant that has it all and does a great job with each item.

I can’t tell you that their cheeseburger was the best I ever had, but let’s put it this way, I’d be glad to go back and eat another one any day of the week! The meat was cooked perfectly and the flavors were well combined.

I had a great time eating and hanging out with Sam! American Harvest Co. is a beautiful restaurant and a fun place for lunch.

(VIDEO) American Harvest Co. | Food Adventure


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