Amour De Miami In Brickell (VIDEO)

The Famous “Amour De Miami”

This past weekend, I was invited to Amour De Miami to sample their new brunch menu.

To be honest, I didn’t exactly know what to expect.

Prior to going, the owner sent me photo’s of the food and told me there would be bottomless mimosas.

“Let’s have a fun boozy foodie time :D” he said in his email.

How could I possibly say no?

I called up a fellow foodie friend of mine, Val from @SweetPortfolio, to be my plus one and we set a date!  

If you run into her on Instagram, send her a DM and say hello! She’s just as sweet as she looks 🙂

My New Favorite Brickell Brunch – Amour De Miami

The truth is I’m a huge breakfast lover.

It’s, hands down, my favorite meal!

I would eat eggs, pancakes and bacon for dinner all the time if it was socially acceptable.

For real, it’s been this way since I was a little kid, and I honestly don’t want it to change.

However, about three years ago, this whole Miami brunch fad popped up, and I was in love!

It’s basically a late breakfast with more things on the menu to choose from.

It’s a dream come true!

What Is Amour De Miami Like?

It couldn’t be in a better Brickell location!

Amour De Miami is in the heart of Brickell avenue surrounded by beautiful buildings and a wonderful outdoor dining area. It’s shaded by the buildings and you get to take in the city without feeling congested by the traffic and business of the street.

The inside is a French American theme with art covering the walls which creates a relaxing and enjoyable ambiance. Especially if you work in the neighborhood and need to escape for a lunch break.

What Did We Eat At Amour De Miami?

Too much!

We started with the smoked salmon served with Herb Cream & Blinis. I’m a really big salmon fan so I loved it!

I can’t forget the Bottomless Mimosas. They were great!

Amour de Miami

Then we had a waffle hamburger with American cheese. It looked amazing and the meat was lean and cooked perfectly. This dish was so big it actually started to topple over. Val had to put a glass behind the waffle to support it for the photos!

Amour de Miami

Next was the avocado, fruit and salmon toast… ugh, one of my favorite foods is avocado but I was already getting full! So I tasted it and moved on to the next plate.

Amour de Miami

Vegetarian eggs Benedicte! It had spinach, goat cheese, poached eggs and all came in a jar. The presentation was 5 stars and the flavors where great!

I’m a really big spinach lover! So, yes, I liked it a lot! But you have to like vegetables and specifically spinach.

We also had an eggs Benedict with ham and potatoes. It was amazing! 


Amour de Miami

For dessert, we had their new waffle bubbles ice cream. It’s basically a real waffle folded into a cone with ice cream, candy and fruit as its toppings.

OMG! It was full of sugar, calories and overall goodness! It’s definitely a must try!

Amour de Miami

I wanted to give a separate thank you to Val from @sweetportfolio for being a lovely brunch date! She really made the whole food adventure even better.

I also wanted to thank the whole staff at Amour De Miami for being so helpful and welcoming. I can’t wait to go back and eat there again!

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