Best Hot Sauce Brands (Taste Test 2018)

Are you looking for the best hot sauce brands?

Hot sauce gives us that feeling, sensation and craving for more burn and flavor. If you are a hot sauce fan like us, you know exactly what we’re talking about and you want to try the best hot sauce brands!

It’s mostly known for making chicken wings taste even better and adding a little kick to eggs in the morning. But if we are honest, hot sauce can be added to almost anything, and there are a few brave souls that do!

Amazon is honestly our favorite place to get the spicy fix we are looking for! They have tons of options, good prices and ship directly to your door. It’s a no-brainer.

What are our favorite hot sauce brands?

Crystal Hot Sauce

This is a classic hot sauce that can be used just as easily as salt and pepper. It’s the added flavor that chicken, ribs, soup and a whole list of other daily meals need to make them stand out.

For an every day hot sauce, It’s fairly spicy. Crystal has a strong “red pepper” flavor to it which is why it is so popular. If you are a classic hot sauce fan, you’ll love it!

Have you tried Crystal Hot Sauce?

It’s sold in grocery stores across America and online at Amazon. You don’t need a hot sauce store!

The truth is, Crystal is crazy popular; you have probably already tried it. However, on the off chance, you haven’t gotten around to it Crystal’s yet!   

Best Hot Sauce Brands

Try it – Best Hot Sauce Brands

Cholula Hot Sauce

What makes Cholula Hot Sauce brand so great?

It has one of a kind spices and choice peppers that will rock your taste buds – Plastic Spoon Guaranteed! In other words, it’s a good hot sauce, and we recommend it! At the very least, Cholula will give your tongue a little kick of spiciness.

In our opinion, it’s the perfect hot sauce for rice and beans or to put on top of baked chicken. It’s a thin, wet sauce as compared to a spicy wing sauce or Red Hot Sauce. It has a dry herb flavor that stands out more than anything else in the sauce. Cholula is, in our opinion, a great seasoning to add to your meal.    

It is NOT that hot! Honestly, it’s more of a mild sauce than anything else.   

We wouldn’t recommend it on chicken wings because it’s just not a thick enough sauce to stick to the chicken, but it’s perfect for soup or even add to a steak marinade.

Have you tried Cholula yet?

It’s fairly famous for their wooden top and sold all over the United States. Chances are you have tried it. But if you have not, now is the time!

Best Hot sauce Brands

Try it – Best Hot Sauce Brands

365 Organic Jalapeno Hot Sauce 

If you are looking for an old style brick and mortar hot sauce store, Whole Foods is a pretty good option. They have a wide variety of hot sauce brands which includes their own generic hot sauce brand – 365 Organic Jalapeno Hot Sauce!

Are you a fan of Crystal Hot Sauce? If so, you’ll also love 365 Jalapeno hot sauce brand. The flavor is slightly different, but the similarities are striking. Both have a strong, spicy kick and lots of red pepper and Jalapeno flavor.

Joshua and I both love the taste of a good Hot sauce, and if you crave that Jalapeno burn, we believe 365 Hot Sauce is what you are looking for!  

Have you tried 365 Jalapeno Hot Sauce?

Best Hot sauce Brands

Try it – Best Hot Sauce Brands

Frank’s Red Hot

Franks Red Hot is a legend at barbeques!

It’s literally the perfect buffalo wing sauce for your next game day or BBQ. It’s our personal go-to hot sauce when we want to flavor our chicken wings!

Frank’s uses their “secret ingredient…”  from the original “…original Buffalo wings created in Buffalo, NY in 1964.”

Whatever the reason for the flavor, Frank’s Hot sauce is doing it right!

We’re not ranking all these hot sauce brands, but if we were, Frank’s Red Hot would probably be number one or two on the list. It’s filled with a delicious, classic hot sauce taste, and honestly hard to beat.

Maybe we’re biased because we grew up eating it? We don’t know. You’ll have to make your own decision!  

Have you tried it?

Best Hot sauce Brands width=

Try it – Best Hot Sauce Brands

Tuong Ot Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce

Are you a classic Sriracha fan?

If you are, you know all about Tuong Ot Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce. It’s the original and most popular Hot Sauce store sriracha.

Why is Tuong Ot Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce so loved?

Made with a special blend of spices, Tuong Ot Sriracha is an acquired taste, but it is a flavor that has grown on people around the world! The sauce is thick and pasty which gives it a unique texture compared to other hot sauce brands. Their famous rooster logo is unmistakable for the best Sriracha hot sauce brand!

Joshua and I are not huge fans of the sriracha flavor. However, objectively speaking, it is a very good hot sauce, and we would recommend it to all Sriracha lovers!

Best Hot sauce Brands

Try it – Best Hot Sauce Brands

MclLHENNY CO. TABASCO Green Pepper Sauce

The best green hot sauce available, in our opinion, is Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce! The first time I was introduced to this delicious blend of flavors was a few years ago at Green Life Organic Bistro. I would put it on everything I could. If the sauce flavor worked, I would put it on Sandwiches, wraps, and rice bowls.

What makes Tabasco Green Pepper so good?

We believe it’s their old recipe and over 100 years of hot sauce success. They have the secret sauce that simply makes food taste better.

Is Green Pepper Tabasco hot?

Green Pepper Tabaco is not very spicy. It’s on the mild side. If you are looking to burn your tongue, don’t even bother with Tabasco green pepper. You will not get what you are looking for.

Is Green Pepper Tabasco good with chicken wings?

The sauce is very wet and will not stick to the chicken as compared to a wing sauce. However, the flavor is amazing!

Best Hot sauce Brands

Try it – Best Hot Sauce Brands

If you know a hot sauce brand we should try, please send it our way! contact us here.

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