Breakfast of Champs For Less $ Than McDonald’s


Before I talk about my breakfast experience at Casavana, fair warning; breakfast is my favorite meal so I’m very easy to please with a stack of pancakes and two over easy eggs —

Casavana was a restaurant I used to go to all the time for breakfast back when I lived in Country Walk. They were close to my house, cheap and easy to get to. They have plenty of parking and no wait time to be seated at a table. Although my roots are very southern born American, my grandmother is Hispanic. I feel just as comfortable eating an empanada and café con leche as I do grits and Maxwell house coffee. I tried Casavana out one day after driving by and just kept going back.


Although my grandma is Hispanic, I don’t speak Spanish… or really understand it that well. Most of the employees speak very little English which makes going to Casavana difficult for me. But once they take my order, I’m past the language barrier. All the servers are helpful and happy. I think the most impressive part about their service is the time it takes to get your food to the table. I’ve never waited any longer then 5 minutes for my food. Honestly, I’ve waited longer at McDonald’s then I have at Casavana. They also regularly check back with you to make sure everything is okay.


The restaurant looks like a Cuban ranch house… if that even exists lol. Everything is a yellow and brown color scheme with palm tree themed decorations. It’s alright I guess. I’m not a fan of yellow because it almost never looks clean. But it definitely fits the restaurant well.

They have two options for sitting– outside or inside. They also have an outside window for coffee and a quick empanada if you don’t have time to sit and eat. Very much like all the other Latin cafes around Miami.

It’s a fairly clean place. I am not too excited to use the bathroom over there, but it’s not that bad.


I usually order the Casavana breakfast which comes with two eggs, choice of ham or bacon, two pancakes, toast and café con leche. I think my favorite is their bacon. It is well cooked which makes it extra crispy. It’s an average breakfast, it’s nothing out of this world but it fills me up. The portion size is perfect. Not too much or to little. And it only cost $8.49.


Most definitely yes. It’s convenient, inexpensive and taste pretty good for $8.49.


Pancakes, Eggs, and Bacon


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