Check Please! South Florida with Michelle Bernstein – Miami’s First Food Blog TV Show

Have you seen the NEW hit season of "Check Please! South Florida" with Michelle Bernstein?

For all the local foodies, you might have heard about this fun TV series “Check Please! South Florida”.

Check Please! South Florida lets amateur foodies critique their favorite Miami restaurants and documents their experience.

Much different from a YouTube channel or Instagram account, Check Please! South Florida is a full production that has been on the local TV channel PBS since 2008.

They are the true veterans of food blogging with over 15 seasons and 300 restaurant reviews under their belt.

I’ve seen a few episodes and think the show is amazing!

Who Is Michelle Bernstein?

check please!

Michelle Bernstein is what I like to call the local superwoman of the food service and hospitality industry.

She is the host of Check Please! South Florida, a business owner and food expert.

Michelle was introduced to the culinary arts as a child when she first started cooking at home.  

Food became a passion and she turned her love for cooking into a career.

Today, Michelle is known for her award-winning food, cookbook and personality outside the kitchen.

Her experiences have opened the doors to amazing opportunities within the culinary world.

Here is a short list of some of her accomplishments and job positions:

What can you expect from “Check Please!”?

Full disclosure, my mom watches Check Please! South Florida more than I do, but that’s mostly because I’m on my phone or laptop all day and never really sit in front of a TV anymore.

However, I’ve seen about five episodes and fell in love with the show.

Although it’s a local show, there are actually several other states that have their own Check Please! TV shows

For example, they have the show in DC, Chicago, North Carolina and Kansas City.

Each one of these different show locations features their own local, must-try restaurants.

What Makes Check Please! Different from other food blogs?

Most food blogs, including mine, are all about enjoying the experience of food and trying new things.

That’s why a lot of us food bloggers call ourselves “food adventures” and not “food critiques”.

We don’t really “review” restaurants. We just enjoy the adventure!

check please!

Check Please! Is Different.

Yes, they enjoy the dining experiences, but they go much deeper than that!

Each episode reviews three different restaurants in detail.

Check Please! South Florida brings on regular, everyday people to talk about their experience dining at the three restaurants.

These amateur foodies give their honest opinions of the drinks, food, service, ambiance and overall dining experience.   

If you are looking for really detailed reviews of local Miami and Fort Lauderdale restaurants, Check Please! South Florida is a must watch show

Special thanks to the Check Please! South Florida Producer, Carolina Cuadra. I had the chance to have a short call with her to learn more about the show. She was very helpful! 


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