(VIDEO) Glass and Vine – Too Fancy For The Plastic Spoon?

Did you hear about the Miami restaurant “Glass and Vine”?

It’s located in the heart of Coconut Grove where guests can see the beautiful view Glass and Vine offers. It’s right next to the historical Peacock Park and only a block away from the ocean. It’s the perfect location for anyone who wants to feel the Miami weather while eating from a to-die-for menu.

Some of my favorite meals are simple things like hamburgers, pancakes and a good old homemade apple pie.

Sorry, it’s just what I grew up with…     


Don’t get me wrong…

I always love to visit a fancy restaurant when I get the chance!

Guess what?

I got the chance!

When Glass and Vine invited me out to document my experience, I was so excited!

I’ve heard a lot about it because the owner is one of the most well know chefs in Miami. He’s the winner of Food Network’s T.V. Show “Chopped” and owner of the popular Eating House Restuarant here in Miami.

This man is none other than Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli.

Forbs Magazine awarded Chef Giorgio “30 Under 30” for his great success which only shows how much he has achieved in such a short time.  

He’s one of my personal business heroes. Hopefully, I get to shake his hand soon!

AS for now, at least I get to eat at his restaurant Glass and Vine!



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