Le Chat Noir – Miami’s Only Jazz Club (VIDEO)

Jazz and Wine At Le Chat Noir

I come from a very musical background so Le Chat Noir was a breath of fresh air!  

My grandmother and aunt were both professional opera singers and my dad – today – is a pro drummer-percussionist. @socrates_fuertes

I didn’t quite go as far as them, but I dabble with music. Mostly guitar and when I have to, a little singing.

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My Dad has been telling me about this amazing jazz club he’s been playing at for the last few months, and he absolutely loves it.

It’s a restaurant in downtown Miami with a basement where they host weekly jazz jam seasons with very talented artists.    

Dining and Drinks at La Chat Noir

It’s a classy place and like most fancy bars, wine is a big part of what makes going there fun.

Now, I’m no wine expert; at least not yet. It’s on my to-do list.

But for the meantime, instead of trying to talk about their wine selection,
I’m going to talk about how little they serve food.


Becuase if food isn’t their focus, what is?

There focus is on the music and drinks.

They only have finger foods, wine and beer.

The wine lines the walls of the basement and they have two bars – upstairs and downstairs.

Overhearing the waiter take wine orders, Le Chat Noir is passionate about their wines and definitely has some good quality stuff.

Le Chat Noir’s Ambiance

le chat noir

It’s like walking into a 1930’s jazz club in New York City. The sounds, smell and look scream old fashion.

Honestly, from the moment I walked in, I no longer felt like I was in Miami.

It a dark and almost dingy place but yet, it’s well kept and clean. There is art on almost every wall, and your attention is guided toward the stage where the live music is being played.

It’s a perfect place for couples to go on a date.

I’ve been to a lot of places in Miami… like a LOT!

Le Chat Noir is special and there is nowhere like it in Miami.


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