Mixto Books and Bistro (VIDEO)

Mixto Books and Bistro – The only bookstore and full restaurant I’ve seen.  

Okay, Mixto Books and Bistro is kind of a “Mix of two” – books and food.

Who likes reading?

Not me…

But eating, count me in!

I went out to eat with a bunch of my fellow food blogging buddies at Mixto Books and Bistro to try out their menu and experience the ambiance.

Imagine crossing a used bookstore and full restaurant all in one.

Food at Mixto Books and Bistro

I tried a flatbread, sandwich, burger and all their appetizers.

One thing stood out.

Everything has a little Hispanic influence in it!

Their Queso Frito was to die for! Granted, it’s hard to go wrong with fried cheese, but I’d go back just for that appetizer <3

The rumor is that they are known for their coffee, drinks and non-dairy smoothies. I had their coffee, which was decent. I mean, it’s usually pretty hard to find bad coffee in Miami. However, I didn’t try a smoothie. I need to go back and have one!

Overall, the food was good. To be honest, I wasn’t blown away by it, but it was good. I’d go back.   

Mixto Books and Bistro

Mixto Books and Bistro Vibe

The concept of having a bookstore and restaurant is unique. I don’t think people will buy books, but it gives the restaurant a special feel.

Mixto actually has a loft or upstairs to it that is the perfect place for a small gathering or intimate meal. It overlooks the rest of the restaurant which actually makes for a great view.

I would say it’s the perfect restaurant for a baby shower or classy party. It will also make a great weekend brunch location.   

It has a clean, rustic ambiance with bookshelves and art lining the walls.

It’s a very well decorated restaurant.

Definitely give Mixto Books and Bistro a try!   


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