Not All Green Stuff Tastes Bad – Just Most Of It


Well, shout out to yelp – once again – I found this gem searching through reviews. “Yoko Matcha” is new to the food truck scene, but are already making a big wave. Yoko specializes in serving coffee and drinks, even food items, all infused with fresh ground up matcha tea powder. I reached out to Yoko on Yelp messenger and was greeted with an invite to come and visit. So I went!

After parking for free (because Wynwood meter readers never check parking) I walked in through the back of Wynwood Yard and quickly looked around. I found the truck right across from the performance stage; It was really easy to find. Especially if you walk in through the main entrance, It’s a baby blue-ish color so it’s hard to miss.  I was expecting to simply buy something from their truck and be on my way. What I got was way more interesting. On Yelp, I was chatting with the owner Evelyn, so when I got there I asked to speak to her. Although she wasn’t there, I was introduced to the co-owner Chie instead. She recommended that I try a Matcha Lemonade so she gave me one. It was delicious… but I’ll talk about that later.

Chie sat down with me and talked about the inspiration of Yoko. The truck was named after her grandmother (Yoko) who is Japanese. The concept was simple: almost no one was selling matcha in Miami. The market was wide open and Yoko had the hook up in Japan to buy the best matcha tea powder. “Why not open up a tea shop?” she though. So that’s what they did! They chose the food truck business because of price point and mobility. It seems to be working well so far.

For those who are not yet familiar with Matcha, don’t worry, I didn’t know what it was either. But that soon changed as Chie explained the whole process. It’s basically green tea but instead of steeping the leaves in hot water, the whole leaf is ground up and turned into a fine powder. There we have it! Matcha in its raw form. There is a lot of health benefits in it such as energy and memory boosting properties, as well as lots of antioxidants and calorie burning enzymes plus so much more. You should look it up sometime when you have the chance. Above all, it actually tastes good! To be honest, it’s a green powder… so it doesn’t look that appetizing. But MY GOD! I didn’t expect it to make lemonade taste better. Like they say, don’t knock it till you try it!

So, how did that matcha lemonade taste? Well it had a “green” flavor to it lol. I took my first sip and asked Chie if they put a little wheat grass into the lemonade. No, they did not, but it almost has that same flavor. Now, before you get all wound up with, “HOO… wheat grass?! Yuck!” let me say that it really did make the lemonade more refreshing. It goes from a sour lemon flavor to a pallet cleansing sweet lemon taste. Yoko serves a variety of things from coffees, teas and lunch items. Almost everything incorporates matcha in its recipes.

If you want to visit “Yoko Matcha”, it’s located in Wynwood Yard. It’s a great place if you have never been to it before! The location is perfect because it’s just so darn comfortable. There is plenty of places to sit, eat and enjoy yourself. Plus, they almost always have events going on or a band playing. It’s definitely a good place to visit at least once.

So next time you are there, give Yoko a try! And tell them “David” from The Plastic Spoon sent you!

They have a lot of stuff to try out.
Me and my Yelp check in 🙂
Here is what their truck looks like.
The best lemonade I’ve ever had!



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