Okay, I know. Ale House is basic. But that doesn’t mean bad!



Ale House is the neighborhood bar. All my friend’s go there to hangout, eat chicken nachos and drink a cold brew. Without fail, every time I go to Ale House after 9pm I run into someone I know. It’s kind of become the place we go when we want to go out… but don’t want to spend a lot of money. It’s way cheaper than going to Wynnewood or Miami Beach. Parking is super easy and the location is right off US1. Easy to get to and close to home.


The service is always ready and willing to help. Even when the restaurant is packed, the waiters seem to be able to attend each table well without falling behind. I’ve been to that Ale House to many times to count and never have I been treated badly. As a matter of fact, a few of the waiters even remember my name! plus I got FREE fries one time for no apparent reason. The server was just being nice… I made sure to give him a good tip. To be honest, I’m not sure what they could even do better to improve. As compared to other sports bars, they are 5 stars in service.


Sports bars usually have a musky smell, dim lighting and a broken pool table in the corner. But Ale House is much more family friendly. There is ample lighting and much less intoxicated people. There are TV’s lining every wall and music playing over their PA system. You have the choice of either siting outside or inside. The outside is covered and there are fans blowing which makes it comfortable even on a hot night.  The bathrooms are pretty clean and the dining room is well maintained. Occasionally the other patrons can get out of hand, I have only seen one fight break out, but they took it outside. Honestly, It’s a bar. It’s kind of to be expected.


I almost always have their chicken wings or nachos. The wings are just okay. They are thick, juicy and have the option of coming naked or with sauce. I usually get the spicy wing sauce with ranch on the side. They are honestly basic wings. Nothing special. But they are descent and because I LOVE chicken wings, I get them a lot.

Second is their chicken nachos. They are the best I have ever had! Some days they are better than others, but when the chef makes them just right, OHHH BOY! They are great. Why? First off, one order of nachos is enough for two…EASY. It’s a really big serving. Second, they are filled with chicken, cheese, lettuce, tomato, jalapenos and probably a few other things I’m missing. They are warm and topped off with sour cream. YOU definitely must try them out!

Would I Go Back?

Yes, I would. They have good service, descent food and nice vibe.


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