OMG! My best food adventure yet!


This past week my Mamma turned… never mind. Let’s just say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! She wanted to try something new. So she jumped on Yelp and found Whisk. It has quite high ratings and over 800 reviews. When I took a look, I knew Whisk was going to be a home run!


I called to make reservations and they were fairly helpful. It was a quick and easy call and the hostess was able to secure my families reservation – no problem.

Parking is a – BEEP – there is almost no parking at ALL! They have like 20 parking spaces. Sucks… Whisk does offer valet, but obviously it’s not free. I was lucky enough to find a spot fairly fast. Keep that in mind when you go to visit.

OMG! The service was freaking perfect! The waiter was very friendly, personable and knowledgeable of the menu. He was able to make good recommendations which I found helpful. I always like to hear what the employees say about the food. The food was served to us faster than most places and it was all done with a great attitude. As a matter of fact, my father is a big fan of a good red sangria so he ordered one. The waiter he called over wasn’t even managing our table, yet the waiter still got my dad the drink. PLUS, he brought a second glass with a little bit of the white sangria for free. Honestly, the service probably can’t be any better. Disney World probably couldn’t even do better if they tried.


Whisk is a “hole in the wall” type place. It looks like the back side of a shopping center. It is really very easy to drive by and miss.  The inside is kind of classy hipster looking with wooden tables and dark lighting. Almost a romantic ambiance.  Water is served with mason jars and the refills are done with reused wine bottles. The ambience is classy yet inexpensive. You could just as easily go dressed in jeans and a t-shirt as you could in a suit and tie.

I would definitely say it is a clean restaurant hands down. The whole dining experience was run to perfectly for uncleanliness to be a problem at Whisk.


I ordered the Big Friday’s Jalapeno Bacon Cheddar Burger which is served with homemade potato chips on the side. I like my burgers cooked just above bloody. In other words, cooked “medium”. They did it exactly how I like it. The meat was still a little red inside and the burger was thick. Flavorings, cheese and the bun all combined to make a delightful taste.  The chips were delicious. I’ve never had homemade potato chips until now. Unfortunately, I was probably spoiled that day because the chips were thick and moist but yet still had a crunch to them. They were salted and sprinkled with a white cheese. Mmmmm.. they were good! I’ll probably never have chips that good anywhere else.

We order Bacon-Wrapped Dates – WOW! So good. It sounds a little weird at first… the waiter strongly recommended it to us. He was so right. The bacon was thick, the dates were large and the cheese that was stuffed inside added a sweet touch. The flavors complimented each other wonderfully. This is hard for me to say, but I didn’t have one bad thing to say about the food. It truly was a 5 Star experience. Good job Whisk!


YES, I WOULD! … I can’t wait to go back lol.  But not all the time because it is a little expensive. It is about $30 a person.

This is probably one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. No joke OMG it was good! Look up Whisk on Yelp. You will not be disappointed.


David Fuertes - I'm a food, media and music lover who wants nothing more than to go on my next food adventure with amazing people. I like two things about The Plastic Spoon: 1. Trying new Miami Food. 2. Meeting amazing people along the way.

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