OMG! That Bacon Cheese Burger Was AMAZING! JK. I Ate A Salad

Before I tell you about my latest fascinating food-venture, here’s a little re-cap. For those of you who have been following my food journeys around Miami, you might recall that I have been eating healthier for the last two weeks… two weeks today to be exact (I’m very proud of myself)! To make a long story short, my stomach has been bothering me for a while and I wanted to figure out why. After a bunch of research and talking to a dietitian, Monika Arenas, (you can find her at “feedmehealth” on Instagram), I learned that I probably have a gluten and dairy intolerance. So, I decided not to eat either of those things for two weeks and see how I feel.  Fun fact, I feel pretty darn good! But this blog isn’t about me lol. This is where “Crema Gourmet Espresso Bar” comes into play.

Featured on the lovely streets of Coral Gables, as one enters “Crema” they are greeted with the smells of fresh food and sights of a comfortable and “homey” feeling place. I found “Crema Gourmet Espresso Bar” last week on Yelp as I was looking for a place that would cater to my new diet. Now, don’t let the name fool ya! “Crema” offers much more than just coffee and actually serves fresh salads and sandwiches as well (just to name a few). I reached out to the owner via Yelp messenger and was warmly invited to stop by. So, this past Monday I went by for lunch but actually got terribly lost trying to find the restaurant. The Yelp location did not help at all! And Google didn’t help either… not even street view. After I parked, I basically just walked around the approximant location until I found it. Once I saw it, it was obviously visible. I think it would help if “Crema” was able to put up a few more signs – just food for thought.

Anyways, it was finally a little over 12 noon when I walked into the restaurant. I asked to speak to Fernando, the owner, but he wasn’t there. Instead, I was able to speak to Markis, the co-owner, who happily greeted me. One downside though is that Monday’s during lunch time the Miracle Mile area is always super busy (locals can testify to this!). Everyone and their bosses are out getting lunch which means that they were kind of hectic at the time. After asking what’s good to eat around here, Markis quickly recommended that I try their best salad and sat me down at a table. Known as the “Greens and Chicken Salad”, it came fully loaded with avocado, slices of white meat chicken, tomatoes, white balsamic dressing, an assortment of lettuces, as well as a few other things I’m sure I missed. It was beautiful… and HUGE! It took up almost half the table I was sitting at. I actually got to watch them make it and everything was cut fresh and put together in a well-made arrangement. My verdict? Really great and fresh quality food.

Besides the tasty food they offer, the restaurant itself is clean and stylish. The ambiance reminded me of a southern home kitchen with white tiles covering the walls and wooden counter tops. The lighting is warm and welcoming along with the fresh array of smells coming from the kitchen. The first thing your nose senses are the fragrances of freshly baked bread, coffee and a hint of freshly cut vegetables and fruit. It was definitely pleasant and relaxing.

Would I go back?

Yes, I would, I think it’s a great place for a quick lunch (plus, it’s healthy).  Check it out if you’re in the Coral Gables area and tell them David from “The Plastic Spoon” sent you!

Eating Lunch at Crema
Front door to Crema
Inside wall art
Behind the counter
Making my salad
The inside dinning area.
Up close pic of the salad they gave me.
Look how big it was!


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