I’m a Kendall boy so Wynwood wasn’t even on my radar till it started to become the pop culture place to go on weekends. My fellow Yelper and longtime friend Stephanie P. told me about Panther Coffee. I’m an avid coffee lover so I gladly made the trip to visit their little shop in the of heart the art district.

Parking is a pain because there is no place to park for free. But the meter readers are almost never around. It’s pretty safe to park without paying. #MajorKey #Save$10Bucks


The baristas are your stereo typical hipster kids with bleached hair and nose rings. They are probably overly passionate about a social justice cause and go green every chance they can. But in this case, their cause is making coffee and they sure do a fine job!  Plus, they do it with a smile 🙂 Being as it was my first time to the shop, I didn’t fully understand the menu. It’s a little complicated at first glance, but the cashier gladly walked me through the options. The line wasn’t long and I quickly got my order. My final bill came out to be $8.75 which in my opinion is a little expansive.  I ordered coffee and a sugar cookie. The sugar cookie was enormous, but the coffee was smaller then I expected. It probably only had half a cup of actual liquid in the glass.


The shop SCREAMS hipster! It has a wooden rustic vibe to it. There is art on each wall that tells a different story. Some art is trippy as if it were on drugs and other pieces are earth colored paintings. Somehow it all astatically fits into the shop well. Nothing really looks out of place. The ambiance personifies Wynwood perfectly.

There is an old fashioned coffee bean roaster in the corner of the shop that is used to cook their beans. It’s quite large and impossible to walk by without taking interest. They must get asked a million questions about that contraption.

The shop is well maintained and seemingly very clean. As locals know, Wynwood is a very dirty place. Panther Coffee does a great job at making sure their shop doesn’t carry that reputation.


They basically have two coffee options that come in all styles. (Cappuccino, café-Americano, ice coffee, etc). Those options are West Coast and East Coast blend. I much prefer the East Coast blend because it’s more bitter with a little more kick to it. The West Coast is fruitier with less of a rich flavor. The quality is top of the line. Watching them make a cup of coffee is like watching a chemist. They measure everything out perfectly, weigh the beans and even check the temperature of the water.

I went with a few friends, so I had the chance to taste different coffee’s as well as mine. I tried the West Coast ice coffee which had a green fruit or maybe even vegetable flavor to it. It did not fit my personal taste, but it wasn’t bad. I would not want it again, but it was still pretty good relatively speaking.

Another friend ordered a café-Americano. That was the best coffee I think I’ve ever had!! It was the East Coast blend and felt like drinking a punch to the face! It had a lot of caffeine in it! The flavor was smooth but rich.

I ordered a West Coast cappuccino which wasn’t anything amazing… Most of the cup was foam and milk. There was very little actual coffee in the drink.


Hands down YES! I believe Panther coffee is one of the best coffee shops in Miami. And they are up against some stiff competition.

WOW I love how they actually roast there own beans.
My friend pouring up that sugar.
Cold Brew West Cost Bland. Ice coffee
Oh I love both these things so much! Sugar cookies and coffee


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