(VIDEO) Shula Burger – Miami’s Top Burgers

Burger Fan? Shula Burger Is The Place To Try In Miami.

If you follow my Instagram, you probably see me post a lot about Shula Burger.  

Partly, because I live down the street, but more so because it’s really that yummy!

I’m always surprised by their quality and flavor…

So… I end up going quite often.

One of my first reviews was of Shula Burger when I first started my blog. Read the Shula Burger blog post HERE.

My life is the best!

Because I’m a food blogger and Shula Burger saw I constantly posted about them, they invited me to go into their kitchen and see the magic happen behind the scenes.

Here is my latest experience!

I wanted to give a special thanks to Jose (Manager) and Lisa (Franchise Owner) for opening up their restaurant to me! I had a great time and look forward to eating there again!

Shula Burger

This is the NEW  Pimento Burger. It’s NOT the one in the video. I just like it a lot 🙂 


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