The British are coming! …But who really cares?


I’ve been going to Wynwood yard more frequently now and keep seeing The British Garden food truck next to the bar. I finally decided to try it out.  I liked their look and vibe so it’s been on my “To-Eat- List” for a few weeks now.


Their menus only had a few options to pick from and the casher was very helpful in explaining each item.  I went with their “BBB” Big Ben Burger. Basically it’s just a hamburger and fries. The wait for the food was a little longer than I expected. It took a little over 10 minutes to get the food. It wasn’t that big of a deal though. When I order from food trucks I usually expect faster service. However, they cook the burger right then and there for you fresh. So it’s totally understandable. I wasn’t blown away by their service, but it was alright.

The food was a little pricy for my preference. I paid $15 for a burger and fries. But I do recognize that I’m in Wynwood yard. So once again, understandable.


The burger was cooked exactly how I like it. Still a little pink inside but not bloody. It was kind of on the sweet side because they had a few different sauces on the meat. It came topped with cheese, onions and this green leaf that reminded me of spinach. I’m not sure what it was, but it was good. The buns were a little too thick for my taste, but I liked that they had poppy seeds on the top. Over all, the burger was very well made. It definitely gets a solid 4 STARS in my view. However, I do wish the meat patty was a little bit larger.

The French fries were terrible! Honestly, god awful. Why were they so bad? They tasted as if they were cooked in Play-Doh. I’ve never had fries’ taste like that EVER! It was weird. I’m guessing something went wrong, or the oil was old… Because I don’t believe people would ever eat them otherwise. I literally took two bites before throwing the whole basket of them away. However, I did like the thickness and texture of the fries. Hopefully my experience is not a common problem with British Garden.


I would only go back if I was really hungry and there were no other options. Those fries really didn’t help their case. But if you are a fan for that style of hamburger, I would recommend you try them out. I’ve never quite had a burger taste the way these do.

British Garden BBB
Nasty French Fries…
Small Menu
The British Garden Cashier Stand


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