The Hungry Post – More Then A Miami Food Blog

Have you seen this delicious Miami food blog? – The Hungry Post

The Hungry Post is much more than your regular Miami food blog!

They are the new school leaders of local food reporting.

Through the power of food blogging, they turned their passion for eating into a food community.

Yes, they have mouth-watering Instagram photos and food videos that are to die for!

However, they took this whole Miami food blog thing to the next level!

The Hungry Post

How Did “The Hungry Post” Start?

Back in 2011, three friends (Andrea, Jose and Ale) noticed something unique…

All their mutual friends would ask them for restaurant recommendations.

These three amigos loved to try new local restaurants and built a strong connection with each other over their shared love of food.

Before long, they started a blog together.

Their combined passion for food and enjoying each other’s company created their unique style “We don’t review restaurants, we recommend restaurants”.

They simply loved to go out and enjoy the experience!

One thing led to another and they started to become known in the local Miami food community.

All sorts of events opened up to them as “food influencers” and they ran with the opportunities.

The Hungry Post

Something was wrong…

Food is supposed to be a social thing, not just photos on Instagram.

Think about it! Have you ever been to a party without food or drinks?

It’s terribly boring (I went to one… awkward!)  

Being able to connect with your friends and family over drinks and something yummy to eat is always better!

Their social media was doing great! But they believed in a higher calling!

They wanted to bring the community together!

What Makes The Hungry Post Special?

“Being able to connect with people”

The Hungry Post is all about in-person events!

Have you heard about the Blurry Brunch?

Or perhaps the Sunset Party?

The Hungry Post host some of the most coveted food events in Miami!

Their goal was to grow from a simple food blog into a well-rounded food event brand. They bring the community together in a way that no one else is doing in Miami.

One of their last events had over 1500 people in attendance!

That’s a lot of Miami foodies in one place.

The Hungry Post Today!

Today the Hungry Post is building up their event’s even bigger and turning them into unforgettable parties!

They have live music, tons of food and enough drinks to make you Uber home!

They are starting to expand to other locations and New York is there next big move.

They already hosted their first event there and more are coming.  

Want To Get Connected With The Hungry Post?


Instagram: @Thehungrypost

New York Instagram: @ThehungryPostNYC


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