Who Is The Naughty Fork (Miami Food Blog)

My Favorite Miami Food Blog! (The Naughty Fork)

Although there are lots of yummy food blogs in Miami, my favorite Miami food blog is The Naughty Fork!

Have you ever seen The Naughty Fork’s Instagram?

The photos and videos are to die for!  

Arguably, It’s some of the best food content on the internet.

This isn’t my opinion…

It’s a fact!

Dozens of PR agencies and restaurants pay The Naughty Fork to take photos of their food.

They know how much food lovers crave that mouth-watering content, and these businesses are willing to do whatever it takes to work with The Naughty Fork!

I had the opportunity to have a one-on-one interview with The Naughty Fork.

okay, full disclosure…

I was freaking out a little bit before the interview.

The Naughty Fork is super smart and crazy pretty… ugh.

After looking at her personal IG, it appears she already has a boyfriend…  So I’m just going to stop there.

Anyways, here’s what I learned!

The Naughty Fork

Who Is behind The Naughty Fork?

Samantha Schnur is the wonder woman behind the delicious food we all get to see on her Instagram!

She’s in her early 20’s, has a passion for food, photography and travel.

With Sam’s work ethic and camera skills, she birthed a food empire unmatch by anyone in Miami.  

The Naughty Fork

Who Is Samantha Schnur?

Sam is a local, born and raised Miami girl who grew up playing sports and investing herself in school.

Every year, she would play one or two different sports and almost decided to make a college career out of it.

Not only was Sam athletic, she also had a talent for science. Her father is a doctor and she wanted to follow in his footsteps.

She went to college at Florida State University and decided to study Biology and Chemistry.

“I was there for three years and created some of the best memories a college student could ask for…”

Some people believe that Sam dropped out of school or decided not to finish her education.

That is NOT true!

The Naughty Fork


Starting The Naughty Fork

Sam’s college days were filled with tough classes and late night study sessions. Remember, she was studying biology and chemistry!

They are not easy topics.

Eating out was completely normal and healthy food wasn’t always on the menu.

Although Sam always focused on having a balanced diet, she would constantly post pictures of the fatty, yummy foods we all love on social media.

“I started The Naughty Fork when I was home one Saturday night while my roommates had gone out…”

It just made sense!

Sam loved food and taking great photos. Why not start a food Instagram?

“At that time I was just using my phone and posting pictures every so often. Because I was in college, you can imagine most of the food I posted was on the unhealthy side.”

Sam’s audience on social media didn’t want to see her balance diet and healthy food, they wanted to see her late night trip to eat donuts and pizza.

All of us followers LOVE to see junk food.

Suddenly, Sam was now a food blogger.

“at the time, I didn’t even know what that really meant…”

Food blogging was completely new to Sam. When she was invited to a restaurant for the first time to take photo’s of their food, she tried paying for the meal.

She didn’t understand how this whole food blogging thing worked.

“I began getting invitations to restaurants in Miami as a “media dine”. This basically means “hey, can you come into my restaurant and post a photo of our dishes in exchange for a comped meal”.

Sam’s Instagram following grew gradually and quickly but there was a huge problem!

Sam couldn’t do to the media dines!

She lived in Tallahassee because of school, but her new food blogging empire was mostly in Miami. All the popular restaurants were back home, and if she was going to live the food blogging dream, she had to move.

The Naughty Fork

The Naughty Fork Empire

Sam made the tough decision to move back.

With her father’s encouragement, she would be able to grow her foodie business.

Remember, she’s a smart girl!

Instead of quitting school or giving up, she chose the harder path.

Sam transferred to the University of Miami where she committed to being a student and working full time on her blog.

This was not easy!

Sam took on the challenge of graduating from UM with a major most people wash out of…

And she did it while running The Naughty fork!

She had bills to pay just like everyone else…

For her, food blogging was turning into a realistic way to support herself.

Sam graduated from UM in 2017.

Here food blog was doing better than ever with over 200k followers on Instagram.

She had media events, paid partnerships and several PR agencies who wanted The Naughty Fork to advertise their clients.  

Sam’s dreams of eating food and having fun were all coming true, but nothing can ever be that easy…

The Naughty Fork

Innovate Or Die – The Naughty Fork’s Fight To Survive

When Sam started her food blog, Buzzfeed’s food videos, Tasty and several other Instagram food accounts were all starting to grow.

Sam started food blogging at the perfect time. She used these new food trends to help launch The Naughty Fork.

With her passionate work ethic and talent for taking the perfect photo, she created a huge foodie following.

But there was a big problem…

Instagram changed!

They started incorporating paid adds, new algorithms and posting options that completely changed the way people viewed Instagram content.

In order for Sam to continue her newfound foodie Instagram success, she had to innovate quickly.

During my interview with Sam, she said that sometimes her posts will get a lot of likes and views and sometimes they won’t…

Instagram won’t show her photos to all her followers because of these new changes and updates.

“Most of my following is based on Instagram. When they change, it can really affect my account”

Sam had to get creative and figure out how to work around these updates.

The Naughty Fork

The Naughty Fork  (Today In 2018)

Since the beginning of 2018, Sam had the chance to do a lot of traveling (one of her passions) and took the time to strategize her next move.  

During my interview with her, she was bursting with new ideas and will soon be evolving The Naughty Fork into much more than a blog and Instagram account.

Let’s just say that you can expect to see other types of food content on her website and social media.

Today, The Naughty Fork has over 600k followers and gets about 14k likes on a single photo.

Sam strongly believes in keeping a healthy work-life balance.

Food blogging may be a “job” but for Sam, it’s about the having fun.

“I try to remember why I started all of this in the first place, and that is because I love all foods and the happiness it brings to people.”

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Website: http://thenaughtyfork.com/



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