The Whet Palette – A Real Miami Food Blog

I love genuine reviews and that’s all The Whet Palette writes.

The Whet Palette is a local Miami and Fort Lauderdale food blog that honestly craves the best food, wine and the greatest dining experiences South Florida can offer.

This food blog is not a job or public relations business. Free food and paid ads are not the reason behind this blogger!

It’s a real foodie who wants to tell their followers, friends and family about their dining experiences.

Trust me, I’ve spoken to a whole lot of Miami foodies and none of them compare to the genuine reviews that The Whet Palette writes.

The Whet Palette

Who Is Behind The Whet Palette?

Brenda is the superwoman behind The Whet Palette!

Yes, I said superwoman!


Brenda is a Cuban-American woman who sought asylum from Cuba in the 80’s when she came to Miami on the Mariel Boatlift with her family.

She was a child and had to learn English in a country she wasn’t used to.

Regardless of her struggles, she persevered and excelled in school. So much so, she even became one of the most talented English students in her class.  

Brenda had a deep passion for the arts and chose to express herself through dance.

By the time college came around, she was a pro dancer and danced at FIU Golden Dazzlers.

Later she went on to become a Miami Dolphins dancer and even helped instruct dance for many years to follow.

The Whet Palette
The Whet Palette

Brenda’s way with art led her to become an interior designer and this created a successful career path.

However, once she had kids, it all changed!

Brenda had two boys who both had special needs and, being a great mother, she committed to taking care of her children above and beyond the normal.

She started a special needs blog, and today she helps and inspires children and parents who have gone through the same experiences she has.   

It’s not an easy calling, but she has once again risen to the challenge!  

The Whet Palette

What About The Food and Wine?

During my interview with Brenda, I asked, “How do you continue your food blog when life gets too busy and it’s hard to write food reviews?”

Brenda’s answer shocked me….

“Writing is my release!”

Most food bloggers, including myself, have a difficult time investing the 30 plus hours a week into writing, posting and creating food content. It’s like a second job!

To Brenda, going to restaurants and having a high-end glass of wine with her husband is relaxing.

No shock there!

The Whet Palette

But, writing about her experience is the way she disconnects from the stresses of everyday life and re-centers herself.

For Brenda, food blogging is more than a hobby. It’s therapeutic and gives her the perfect outlet to express her creativity.

She’s not a marketing expert or advertising agency that promotes restaurants. She’s a genuine food blogger who wants to have the best fine dining experience and share them with the people she loves.

Brenda does accept media dines on an occasion, but they need to be a strong fit!

Brenda said, “I don’t like when a restaurant brings out the food to quickly or all the food at once…”

Brenda likes to take in and enjoy each part of the meal and take in the ambiance, service and flavors of the food. She takes her time to really enjoy each part of her dining experience and reviews what she eats and drinks.

If it wasn’t already noticeable, The Whet Palette mostly critiques high-end restaurants and wine.

This is not a food blog that will show you the most delicious food porn or greasiest burgers Miami can offer. It’s a blog that will outline, in detail, why a restaurant is a great choice for a special night out or dinner date.

What Is The Future Of The Whet Palette?

Have you seen The Whet Palette’s logo?

It’s a wine glass, paintbrush and fork which each depicted one of Brenda’s hobbies.

As of today, she has already developed a great food blog and wine review. However, she has not started the paintbrush section of her blog – lifestyle.

If you are a lifestyle lover as well as a food lover, keep your eyes open for The Whet Palette’s up and coming blog posts.

Brenda said she will be writing about, “…art, theater, fashion, fitness, or anything else I’m in the mood for. Perhaps even parenting… and bring it all full circle.”

She has a talent for expressing her self on paper, and I guarantee her new blogging topics will be just as good as her food reviews!,

The Whet Palette

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