Top 10 Best Pickles (2018 Best Pickle Pick Awards)

10 Best Pickles That You Have To Try!

We tried them for you and came up with our top best pickle picks of 2018.

Pickles are an American classic that we add to sandwiches, coleslaw, hamburgers and even straight from the jar to our mouths. Lunch wouldn’t be the same without them!

There are sour pickles, spicy pickles and regular old-fashioned pickles. One thing is for sure…

They all taste good! But which one is the best pickle?

Our fellow Plastic Spooners have voted and here are the 2018 Best Pickle Pick results.  

1. Claussen Dill

Claussen Dill is one of the classic pickles you probably had growing up and may still eat today. It’s a Kosher pickle that is perfect for eating right out of the jar all on its own. It’s so good that it doesn’t need anything else to help it taste better. Claussen is crunchy, savory and the perfect amount of sour when you are in the mood.

Of course, this old-fashioned pickle is great with sandwiches, hamburgers and anything else you fancy with a good old pickle on the side.   

Best Pickles

Want to give them a try?

2. Vlasic Whole Dill

Vlasic Pickles are more than a pickle, they are an immigrant family’s story and recipe. In the 1940’s a Polish family moved to America and over the next 20 years built what many believe to be the best pickles in America.

We can’t lie, it’s pretty good!

Vlasic Pickles come in all kinds of flavors, cuts and sizes. Some of their best pickles are the Koshur Vlasic Whole Dill. It’s a crunchy, classic pickle that won’t disappoint you.

Best Pickles

Want to try them for yourself?

3. Van Holten’s

The famous Van Holten’s bagged pickles! You can find these guys all over the place; grocery stores, delis and even gas stations.

Have you had one before? You have probably seen them and thought “weird! They sell bagged pickles”?

Well, the answer is yes!

They are a fast an portable way to get your pickle fix. As pickles in bags go, they aren’t that bad. They still have a little crunch and enough vinegar to give your tongue a tingle.

Van Holten’s pickles come in four flavors:

1. Hearty Dill Pickle

2. Zesty Garlic Pickle

3. Tart and Tangy Pickle

4. Hot and Spicy Pickle

Best PicklesTry these pickles for yourself

4. Brooklyn Brine Co.

Brooklyn Brine CO. brand makes very spicy pickles. Read some of the Amazon Reviews and you will notice two things.

  1. The pickles are on the expensive side.
  2. They are SUPER spicy. Even the Whiskey Sour Pickles have a kick to them.

With that said, they are better than most pickles and are top shelf quality. They are handcrafted with the finest ingredients and becoming more popular by the day.

The name Brooklyn Brine CO. isn’t missing leading. Their factory is actually located in Brooklyn and has been selling their world-class pickles since 2009.

They have six different flavors of pickle:

    • Whiskey Sour Pickles
    • New York City Deli Style Pickle
    • Dame Spicy Pickle
    • Maple Bourbon Bread & Butter Pickle
    • Spicy Maple Bourbon Pickle
    • Barrel-cured Garlic Dill Pickle

Best Pickles

If you wanna give them a try, your best bet is to order them online. They are not in all the local grocery stores just yet but they are available on Amazon.  

5. Bubbies

Leigh Truex had a pickle recipe that all her friends and family loved! They convinced her to start selling the pickles and she did. Today, Bubbies is a great success, but that success didn’t come easy! John Gray and his partners took over the business and worked tirelessly to see Bubbies pickles become what it is today. Read the full story here.

Have you tried them?

Bubbies are a crunchy, yummy pickle that competes with the best!

The pickles come in several flavors, and Bubbies sells other pickled products you may enjoy.

Best Pickles

If you want to try them out

6. McClure’s Spicy Pickles

McClure’s Pickles come from a heartwarming story of a family who turned their pickle recipe into a thriving pickle business. Every summer the McClure boys would make pickles, once they grew up, they decided to start selling them. A decade later, the McClure’s are making history with their savory pickles.  

They have a few different pickled products, chips and even a bloody merry mix. Their pickle options are:

    • Garlic Dill
    • Spicy
    • Sweet And Spicy
    • Bread And Butter

    Best Pickles

The best place to buy them, if your local grocery store doesn’t carry them, is online. Try them here.

7.Oregon Brineworks

These classic Garlic Dill Pickles from Oregon Brineworks are crunchy and have enough garlic to grow hair your chest! But if you are a pickle fan, you will like them. They come in a mason jar and will remind you of a good old homemade pickle.

These pickles are said to have pro bacteria called lactobacillus and are only made with fresh produce.

According to Oregon Brineworks, their products are only made with the best and most fresh incidence. This means that their pickles can be seasonal and are at a limited supply.

Although their Garlic Dill Pickles are sold at some grocery stores, farmers markets and co-ops, the easiest way to find them is online.

Best Pickles

If they sound like something you would want to try, you can find them here.

8. Wickles Pickle

Wickles Pickles are an easy pickle to use on all sorts of spreads, sandwiches and others order dishes. They come in a dozen different flavors and styles which compliment sandwiches great! One of their most popular pickles is the classic Wickles Pickle Chips which has a little crunch and just the right amount of vinegar to have a bite to them.  

Next time you see them in the store, try them out…

Best Pickles

Or, look for them online!

9. Extra Spicy Pickles

Pernicious Pickling Co has unique flavors of pickle that stand out from other brands. They originate from a southern-english background which separates it from all the others on this list. Most American pickles are Brooklyn style or have some type of Slovic background. Pernicious Pickling Co, on the other hand, is from a different culture altogether.  

They have several different products, but one of the most interesting flavors is the Extra Spicy Pickles: Habanero Hotties. It’s a pickle flavored with extra spicy habanero peppers and will definitely feel like a punch in the mouth!   

Best Pickles

If you wanna try these, check them out here!

10. Grillo’s Pickles

These guys, Grillo’s Pickles, are the cool cats of the pickle world. They are some of the freshest and most crunchy on the market. Grillo’s Pickles are refrigerated which means that they are fresh and cold.

Best Pickles

They have several pickle flavors available at your local grocery stores like whole foods, Publix and fresh market.  

If you think that there are other pickle brands that compete with our “2018 Best Pickle Picks”, we would LOVE to try them!

Send them to us.


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