(VIDEO) Miami’s Latin Steakhouse – Toro Toro Restaurant

Toro Toro Restaurant Is My NEW Favorite Steakhouse In Downtown Miami

If you like to dine fancy but still get filled up, Toro Toro has you covered!

It’s located in the famous InterContinental Hotel and features different Latin cuisines from South and Central America.  

I was invited to a menu tasting and had the chance to interview the executive chef – Chef Richard Sandoval.

What an accomplished chef!

It was an honor to shake his hand!

The food was so good I would be glad to go back any day. 

Chef Richard uses ingredients and flavors that have been inspired by his extensive travels around the world.

He’s a veteran of the culinary world with over 45 restaurant concepts managed by his team.  

I think my favorite menu item was the Lamb A La Barbacoa Taco. It was simply to die for! I went back three times to “sample” the lamb.

Toro Toro also had a wide selection of drinks and desserts which were a great addition to the event.  

FOOD ADVENTURE (VIDEO) - Toro Toro Restaurant Event


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