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9 Questions You Need to Ask Any Video Production Company Before Hiring Them

1. How Long Does It Take To Get My Video Produced?

Most of our video projects take between 3 - 7 business days to complete.

But there’s a catch...

Video production has lots of steps.

For example, pre-production, equipment, filming, editing and much more.

First questions to ask are:
a. What style of video do you want?
b. How long will the video be?
c. What budget will your video have?

These questions determine how long your video will take to film and edit.

Star Wars movies take up to 3 years to film whereas a BuzzFeed recipe video only takes one day.

Both are videos but require completely different time frames and budgets.

2. How Much Does A Video Cost?

Standard pricing for video in Miami start at $1500 and go up from there.

The price of a video is based on the time, people and equipment required to film and edit.

For example...

Here's a shortlist of some of the things required when we shot a Hampton Inn Commercial 

- Storyboarding
- Actors
- Hotel Location
- Camera Gear
- 10 Hours Of Shooting
- Camera Operator Assistant
- Camera Operator
- Producer
- 2 Hotel Staff As Actors
- 5 Hours Of Editing
- Licensed Music
- Video Usage Rights

This video was valued at $10,000.


A recipe video can be done for much less because we have streamlined the processes.

Each recipe is the same format and style.

This lets us cut the labor hours in half, film in our studio and use equipment that is more cost-efficient.

For $1500 we provide the highest quality recipe videos online.

A professional video production company will be able to give you an accurate quote that covers all these details.

3. What Qualifies You To Make A Video?

Video producers are qualified because of past projects they have managed.

It’s easy to find a college student with a camera, but do they have the time management, client experience and connections to provide the quality video your brand needs?

We are very picky.

We only hire and work with responsible and experienced video and photo pros.

4. What Happens If The Client Doesn’t Like The Video?

It’s normal for a client to make changes to a video.

Video is NOT an exact science.

We always agree on a storyboard during our pre-production phase and the number of edits we are providing before the video is filmed.

On the rare occasion that a client needs more edits or a re-shoot, we will charge an hourly rate to accommodate the client’s needs.

Any good video production business should understand the importance of pre-production.

The more specific this process is, the easier the client can visualize the final product.

We give the client what they want within the time allotted.

5. What Equipment Do You Use?

A professional video production business will use the equipment perfect for the job.

Although a RED camera looks cool and takes great video, it’s not always the best or most cost-effective tool.

We use Arri, RED, Canon and Sony but we always use the right tools for the right job.

Many productions don’t have a $10,000 budget, so we use Sony or Canon to lower the cost but still provide a high level of quality.

We customize our tools to fit the job.

6. Is It Just You, Or Do You Have Other People Working For You?

Video is rarely a one-person job.

It requires a lot of hands and eyes to set up, film and edit.

We employ stylists, cinematographers, editors and more.

Each project can require a different team that we hand pick to provide the best possible skill set.

7. What Is Your Video Production Process?

a. We ask important questions to learn exactly what the client wants.
Then we send an estimate that will include all the details of the project.

b. An important step is storyboarding and having the client approve the storyboard. This allows us to show the client a ruff draft of what they are getting before we film.

c. Film day is planned out in great detail to ensure that nothing is missing. We know exactly what the shoot will take and how long it will take. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible with no surprise. 

d. Depending on the project, editing can take a few days or more. We send the first draft to the client for approval. Once it's approved, the client gets their video and the project is completed.

8. Who Are Your References?

We are blessed with amazing references including Wendy’s, Hampton Inn, The CW Channel, and many other local clients.

After 4 years in the industry, we have worked with a lot of people and built amazing relationships along the way.

9. Do You Have A Photo And Video Reel?

Yes we do! Check it out.